Israel – Rabbi: Make Foreign Workers Accept Laws of Noah


    fileIsrael – A new initiative in ultra-Orthodox neighborhood suggests that foreign workers seeking to work for haredi families will be forced to stop practicing idolatry and accept the Seven Laws of Noah.

    The person behind the new initiative is Rabbi Asher Idan, who has published “a warning to the public in haredi neighborhoods.”

    “In any situation it’s important to check that the foreign worker is not an idolater, and if it turns out that he is, he must commit before being hired to stop practicing idolatry secretly and openly, which is his duty according to the Seven Laws of Noah as well,” the rabbi said. “Otherwise, we must not initiate any deal with him.”

    The Seven Laws of Noah are seven moral imperatives that, according to the Talmud, are binding for all mankind. They include the prohibition of murder, the prohibition of sexual promiscuity, the prohibition of eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive, etc.

    According to the rabbi, a person practicing idolatry can become a believer if he did not commit murder. “I say to all the Thais and foreign workers to observe the Seven Laws of Noah and stop practicing idolatry, because they must believe in one God,” said Idan, who serves as the chairman of an organization handling problematic haredi youth.

    He added that the new initiative was gaining momentum and that he hopes it would be adopted in all haredi neighborhoods.

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