Kyrgyzstan – After Firebombing At Bishkek’s Chabad Synagogue Rabbi Says He Is Here To Stay


    Courtyard of the Chabad Synagogue in BishkekKyrgyzstan – Political unrest that has plagued Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, since April 7th has touched the Jewish community, with the firebombing of Bishkek’s Chabad Lubavitch synagogue last week. At least three firebombs exploded outside the synagogue, but were extinguished before any real damage occurred. No one was at the synagogue when the incidents occurred. The Ohr Avner Day School in Bishkek, which was closed when the original violence erupted, has reopened and there have been no incidents of Anti Semitic violence or threats at the school.

    Asked in an exclusive interview with VIN News if he had any thoughts of leaving Bishkek due to the violence, Rabbi Arye Raichman said, “I am the Chabad Shaliach here. Sometimes there are situations that are not so pleasant, but there is no reason for me to even think about leaving Bishkek.”

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