Israel – Judge Proposes Compromise in Beit Yaacov Separation of Ashkenazi, Mizrahi Girls


    Court room after Judge Edmond Levy proposed an outline agreement during a deliberation in the High Court about the separation of Ashkenazi and Mizrahi girls at the Haredi school in Emmanuel, Beit Yaacov Jerusalem on April 29, by Abir Sultan/Flash 90Israel – Dozens of parents, teachers, and students have gathered at the High Court of Justice for a hearing on the cancellation of separation between Ashkenazi and Sephardic students at the ultra-Orthodox girls’ school Beit Yaacov in Emmanuel.

    “We will fight and do everything in our power in order to prevent others from telling us how to raise our children,” one of the parents told Ynet.

    Judge Edmond Levy proposed an outline agreement during a deliberation in the High Court about the separation. Levy opined that this should enable the sides to reach an agreement.

    Supreme Court Justice Hanan Meltzer ruled that the separation between Ashkenazi and Mizrahi girls “smells of racism.”

    Meltzer ruled in response to claims by Attorney Arieh Holzer, representing the independent education stream, that “from the parents’ point of view, there is no way their daughter, who watches television, will study with Haredi girls.” Holzer also said, “I am willing to bet that the girls on this track (Mizrahi) have televisions at home, and the others (Ashkenazi) do not.”

    But according to Levy’s proposal, all the girls will return to school on Sunday, and during the first week they will remain separated. During this time, the Ministry of Education will draw up guidelines for acceptance in the Haredi track, and in case of disagreement, Rabbi Yaacov Yosef will have the final say.

    They are expected to give their response within a few days.

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