New York – Thousands Of Anti-Zionist Satmar Chasidim Protest Against Desecration of Graves in ‘Israel’ [video]


    Taking part in the protest (R-L) Grand Rabbi Of Satmar Rabbi AaronTeitelbaum, Rabbi Yechezkel Roth, And Kiryas Joel Dayan Rabbi Getzel Berkowitz Photo:Credit : Gazette PicturesNew York – Thousands of Satmar Chasidim and anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews took part in a major demonstration that to take place this afternoon in front of the Israeli Consulate at 800 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. The demonstrators were protesting the ongoing construction by the Israeli government over two ancient Jewish cemeteries, one in Ashkelon and the other in Jaffa.

    The mass protest was called for by Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, the Grand Rabbi Of the Satmar Chasidim, who took part in the demonstration, and by other Rabbinic Rabbis.

    The demonstration also protested against the brutal methods employed by the Zionist authorities against the peaceful religious protestors who come to the construction sites to express their deep pain at the government’s shameful acts.

    “The government has made the decision to proceed with desecrating these cemeteries, although many alternative suggestions for the construction have been offered,” said Rabbi Benzion Loab one of the organizers of the demonstration. “Their complete insensitivity to Judaism and to the feelings of observant Jews stands in stark contrast to the behavior of other countries, whose governments often cancel construction plans when they run into old Jewish cemeteries.

    “We see the Israeli government’s behavior as only symptomatic of a larger problem. According to the Torah and the Talmudic Sages, ever since the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago, Jews have been in exile by Divine decree and were forbidden from re-establishing themselves as a nation until the coming of the messiah. The Zionist ideology is thus fundamentally anti-Torah. Not only has Zionism denied the fundamental Jewish belief in Heavenly Redemption; it has created a pseudo-Judaism which replaces the Torah with nationalism.

    “It should therefore come as no surprise that such a so-called Jewish state digs up ancient Jewish graves. In fact, the graves they desecrate are those of the very same Talmudic Sages whose guidelines the Zionists reject,” Rabbi Benzion Loab concluded.

    Credit : Gazette Pictures
    Credit : Gazette Pictures

    TV Report by WPIX NY

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