Rockland County, NY – Growth of Orthodox Jewish Population Leads to Home Building Boom


    Rockland County, NY – The county added 547 housing units last year, trailing only Orange and Nassau counties among suburbs in New York, according to census data released Tuesday.

    By contrast, Westchester had 63 new housing units last year, and Putnam had 18.

    Continued growth in Ramapo’s Orthodox Jewish population, as well as urban renewal in Spring Valley, continue to create housing demand, local leaders say.

    Smaller houses in areas along Route 306 have been demolished to make way for larger multiple-unit housing.

    “We are seeing the next generation of young people getting married,” said Kaser Deputy Mayor Shlomo Koenig. “People need a place to live and raise their families.”

    About three-quarters of the units approved in the past three years were in Ramapo, New Square, Kaser and Spring Valley, other census records show.

    “It’s not just the Orthodox community building. We have 42 ethnic groups here, and everybody has a big interest in moving in,” Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin said.

    About 50 houses are under construction in New Square, village Building Inspector Manny Carmona said.

    “There’s been a lot of new building, and it hasn’t slowed down much,” Carmona said.

    Gordon Wren, director of fire and emergency services, said parking capacity has not kept up with the added housing capacity, making the area’s narrower streets harder for emergency vehicles to maneuver.

    Read more in The Journal News

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