Baltimore, MD – Maryland Gov. Appoints Orthodox Woman To District Court


    Baltimore, MD – For nine years, Judge Karen Friedman has served her city on the bench of the Orphan’s Court.

    On Friday afternoon, the calling got bigger, much bigger.

    The Judge, a beloved figure in the Jewish community and across the city and region, received a phone call from Governor Martin O’Malley.

    According to the Baltimore Jewish Times Calling her by her Hebrew name, the Governor said, “Chaya, this is Martin O’Malley. “I am calling to appoint you as a Judge to the District Court of Baltimore City.”

    With the appointment, Judge Friedman will be leaving the decisions of probate and moving into judicial arenas that include criminal law.

    The Judge is married to Jewish leader and philanthropist Howard “Tzvi” Friedman. The couple has four children.

    Read the full story at Baltimore Jewish Times

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