Brooklyn, NY – Small Luxury Hotel Set To Open In Chassidic Williamsburg


    Rendering photo of Luxury Five-Story Hotel Set To Open in Winter of 2011 In WilliamsburgBrooklyn, NY – The traditional, Chassidic neighborhood of Williamsburg is set to be housing Brooklyn’s newest luxury hotel and ballroom — The Condor Hotel.

    The opulent structure at 56 Franklin Avenue is being constructed by Orthodox Jews and is being built from the ground up to accommodate their special requirements.

    When asked about his reaction to the brand new luxury hotel going up in the Williamsburg area, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said, “I like to say that Brooklyn is the proud home to everyone from everywhere.”The Condor Hotel is just the latest addition to our borough’s hotel boom.”

    The five-story, brick-and-glass-faced structure is said to have approximately 40 custom-designed rooms that were created by a prominent New York City interior design firm. The hotel will also feature a large ballroom on the lower level for events and celebrations.

    People with knowledge of the project, told VIN News “this will be like an upscale Hilton Hotel, but with a heimishe touch.” “It’s going to be a revolutionary sensation that will benefit our community tremendously.”

    Local residents concur with those sentiments and say the need for an upscale Jewish hotel has been long overdue, especially in this strategic neighborhood.

    “This is perfect for our relatives and friends who come to Williamsburg for a shabbos or simcha,” observed longtime resident Jacob Gold. “They can enjoy their stay at The Condor Hotel without having to deal with crowded sleeping arrangements and a lack of comfortable amenities.”

    Mr. Gold also noted that out-of-area guests attending weddings at nearby halls such as The Rose Castle, Eden Palace, Concord Plaza, The Imperial, The Continental and Ateres Avraham will benefit from The Condor Hotel’s convenient location by not having to travel back home late at night.

    Documents filed with the NYC Department of Buildings show that the hotel is being constructed by Zalman Glauber of Brooklyn.

    When contacted, Mr. Glauber declined to give any details about the upcoming venture and simply stated: “It will be unlike anything else ever built in Brooklyn before.”

    Until then, locals will have to wait and speculate.

    “I think that The Condor Hotel will prove to be the perfect solution for Jewish travelers coming to Manhattan for trade shows, business meetings or even vacations,” said a neighborhood travel agent situated on Lee Avenue.

    “It’s much closer to Manhattan and it is surrounded by shuls and kosher restaurants. This hotel is the obvious answer that everyone has been waiting for.”

    The Hotel is set to open for busienss in winter of 2011.

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    13 years ago

    What a wonderful addition to the community. Also, the rooms will rent for as little as $30–$350/night compared to $450-$600/night in most upscale manhattan hotels.

    13 years ago

    Much hatzlacha!

    13 years ago

    that’s great

    13 years ago

    Great idea for בעלי שמחות in williamsburg to place there their guests there.

    BTW, the logo is very nice. Who made it?

    13 years ago

    I heard about this hotel, it sounds like a good idea, like boro park have a couple of hotels its about time williamsburg to have one to, i heard that the hired a very upscale caterer to do the events there, someone weiss, called heavenly events, its good to see that people in williamsbur will have where to make a really upscale simcha, & where to stay overnight or over a weekend!

    13 years ago

    the logo was made by Ptex

    13 years ago

    The good part about this hotel is, that its neighbors welcome it with a smile on their face. Unlike many other neighborhoods, especially in Manhattan where any entity that is just in the planning stages, be it a hotel or other institution, you will have different groups of neighbors welcome it with sour faces and stiff opposition. Especially, the (prospective) hotel is located near many Shuls and great shopping. “New Williamsburg” has sprung up with a variety of stores in a surprisingly short time.

    13 years ago

    This will be a blessing for the area, but good luck with parking.

    13 years ago

    Will it be open for Sukkas? I would love to come from Montreal for yom tov to Willi.

    13 years ago

    Sounds amazing! From the picture it looks cozy… my next show ill have where to stay..

    13 years ago

    It’s a facelift for the entire Williamsburg community!
    Who ever designed their identity did a magnificent job.
    Lots of Hatzlocha!

    13 years ago

    I like the design of the building. It claims to be five-stories but it looks like they compacted it into 4 floors. Maybe it’s really supposed to be four-stories and the fifth one is just a story.

    13 years ago

    howv long before it gets trashed

    13 years ago

    im looking forward to the new face of modern chassidim

    13 years ago

    Williamsburg is long overdue for a nice hotel, I have a lot of out of town friends and am always helping them find where to stay when they come for simches, shaboos.

    When will it be open? I have a simcha Chasven? Anyone know?

    13 years ago

    will it have a separate entrance for women,

    13 years ago

    I heard that they might be opening right after Yom tov, also I think the caterer will be someone Gutman from BP. anyone could confirm?

    13 years ago

    Great idea, I love the design of the building and the images says it’s a rendering, who did the design and who did the rendering, any idea?

    12 years ago

    If they think people who come to whilly will pay 350$ per room they are in to a big surprise
    I don’t think there is a chance for more then 200$ per night

    Plus I don’t understand how a hotel with so little rooms can make a profit
    The expenses are not much less then a big hotel and the profit is slim