West Bank, Bethlehem – Neturei Karta Head at Islamic Christian Conference: Zionist Should Be Chased Out From Israel


    Muslims, Christians clergymen attend the First International Islamic-Christian Conference in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Dec. 14, 2010. Hundreds of Muslims, Christians held last Tuesday the conference along with politicians and members of Jewish movement Neturei Karta during which defending the Palestinian people and saving al-Aqsa mosque were discussed. (Xinhua/Luay Sababa)West Bank, Bethlehem -Meyer Hirsch, head of Neturei Karta, addressed a conference held this past week dedicated to returning Palestine to Arab rule and chasing Zionists out of the “stolen land”.

    The first International Islamic Christian Conference was held this past Tuesday in Bethlehem and was attended by hundreds of, Muslim, and Christian clergymen. Hirsch addressed the conference in Hebrew saying, “We need to remove the Zionist mask once and for all. We are officially announcing that according to the holy Torah, the Zionists have no right to this sacred land. The Zionists are the anti Semites and they will be chased out of this holy land by the power of G-d. This is an important gathering and we came here to announce our solidarity with the members of this conference and to show the great importance of ending the brutal Zionist occupation.”

    Hirsch was repeatedly interrupted by cheers during his speech in which he referred to Mahmoud Abbas as “our beloved President” and called for the end of talks with Israel, saying that they will only be counterproductive.

    Watch below Meyer Hirsch, head of Neturei Karta speech at the Islamic Christian Conference.

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