Brooklyn, NY – Greenfield: Give Bloomberg A Shovel To Help Clean The Streets [Video]


    Brooklyn, NY – Two Council Members in New York City’s hardest snow-hit neighborhoods in Southern Brooklyn are disputing Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s assertion at a late afternoon press conference that every street in New York City was plowed.

    “It’s been many hours after the Mayor’s 7am deadline and our streets remain unplowed. I don’t know how the Mayor can sleep tonight knowing that 80 hours after the storm ended the streets of thousands of his citizens are not passable,” said an exasperated Greenfield. “If the Mayor can’t get Sanitation to do the job, he should grab a shovel and come down here to Brooklyn to clear the streets that he promised would be cleaned.”

    Greenfield and Williams, who serve in neighboring districts, have been vocal critics of the Mayor’s mishandling of the so-called “Bloomberg Blizzard” since Monday afternoon, when it became apparent that the administration was ignoring their respective Southern Brooklyn districts in favor of cleaning other districts primarily in Manhattan.

    “The Mayor is either severely misinformed or lying. He is claiming to have plowed streets that were not plowed,” said Williams. “I’m shocked that the Mayor can get on national TV and make false claims about his failure to clean our streets. My constituents, including the disabled and seniors, are stuck in their homes tonight while the Mayor glides through the streets of Manhattan. It’s disgusting.”

    At the press conference Greenfield suggested that the Mayor should come down to Brooklyn with a shovel, and help clean the streets.

    Watch below the press conference. Credit Shimon Gifter

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