Brooklyn, NY – Greenfield Secures $5k In Support Of Jrunners 5k Fundraiser For ‘Our Place’


    Brooklyn – Councilman David G. Greenfield announced today that he has secured $5,000 in funding for ‘Our Place,’ an organization dedicated to helping rehabilitate troubled young adults. Despite decreased government funds and even more trying financial times ahead for the city, Councilman Greenfield secured emergency funding for ‘Our Place’ because he was told by the group that they were on the brink of bankruptcy.

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    “Our community needs ‘Our Place’ to continue helping hundreds of young men and women who are on the brink of self-destructing,” explained Councilman Greenfield. “These young men and women that ‘Our Place’ helps everyday have overcome a range of issues that have led them off the mainstream path. With the help of ‘Our Place,’ these young adults are able to re-enter mainstream society and realize their full potential. When I learned that ‘Our Place’ was on the brink of closure, I felt that I had to do something to help ensure that this safe haven for our troubled youth is able to keep their doors open.”

    “I am thankful to Councilman Greenfield for securing this $5,000 for ‘Our Place’,” said Sony Perlman, Clinical Director of ‘Our Place.’ “Because of the difficult financial times we lost the funding for 80% of our total operating budget. We appreciate not only Councilman Greenfield’s funding, but also his concern for the most vulnerable members of our society.”

    In an effort to close the large gap in their funding, ‘Our Place’ has partnered with JRunners, an organization dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles while also advancing charitable causes, to organize a 5k race in Prospect Park this April with the goal of raising $75,000. JRunners will provide coaching, support and fundraising advice for participants in the 3 mile run/walk through the park and ‘Our Place’ will provide the inspiration for the early morning race.

    “JRunners is a terrific organization that pairs chesed with health,” noted Councilman Greenfield. “I encourage the entire community to give what they can to support JRunners’ April 3rd race and to, most importantly, keep the important work of ‘Our Place’ going.”

    For more information on JRunners’ April 3rd 5K run/walk for ‘Our Place,’ or to sponsor a runner please visit To learn more about Our Place and the programs they offer please visit

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    13 years ago

    A blessing on your head, Mr Greenfield. That place MUST stay open!

    13 years ago

    Jrunners is not a organization that promotes healthy lifestyle. Its a organization that raises money for patients with the dreaded disease ALS. May they continue in their good work!! They are a Kiddush Hashem!

    13 years ago

    Why does Greenfeld get $100,000 worth of publicity when he got a measly $5,000 for these organizations?