New York – Released: Trailer for All Star Song to Benefit Bochurim Imprisoned in Japan


    New York – As first reported exclusively on VIN News, an all new music video starring Shloime Daskal and Avraham Fried is being released to benefit the two Yeshiva boys that are still serving time in a Japanese prison. The bochurim are currently having their cases appealed in Japanese Supremem Court.

    The song, Tatte, was originally titled “In A Vinkele” on Dveykus 2 and was redone as “Tatte” by Yaakov Shwekey on his L’shem Shomayim album. The video, featuring music by Eli Lishinsky and cinematography by Mauricio Arenas is produced and directed by Danny Finkelman of Sparks Productions in conjunction with Teltech Entretainment and co-sponsored by Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra and The Meshoirerim Choir.

    Please help bring the bocherim home by posting a link to page to help raise the funds needed for the boys’ defense.

    To see more photos from Japan click here

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