Pittsburgh, PA – Jewish Day Schools Unveil Free Yeshiva Tuition Program


    Pittsburgh, PA – Celebrating decades of tradition in the Pittsburgh community, Pittsburgh Jewish Day Schools have announced a new program to provide free tuition for students who are new to Jewish day school in Pittsburgh and are entering grades 3-11 for the 2011-2012 school year. Pittsburgh Jewish Day Schools include Community Day School, Hillel Academy and Yeshiva Schools, located in Squirrel Hill.

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    With tuition that ranges from $4,675 – $14,000 per year depending upon the school and age of the child, this program offers a unique opportunity for Jewish families to have their children experience a high quality private education coupled with a rich understanding of Jewish history, language, culture and traditions. Support for the program is coming from each of the three schools, as well as from the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future.

    “Pittsburgh Jewish Day Schools provide the highest quality private school education coupled with a deep and lasting connection to Jewish values,” said Chuck Perlow, Chairman of the Pittsburgh Jewish Day School Council. “With a strong connection to this community, Hillel Academy, Community Day School and Yeshiva Schools are working collaboratively to give more children and their families the opportunity to experience all that a Jewish Day School education has to offer.”

    “Given their collective commitment to rigorous academics, students who attend one of the Pittsburgh Jewish Day Schools typically excel on their standard achievement tests (SAT’s) and go on to succeed in private schools, Ivy League and competitive colleges, universities and seminaries around the world,” said David Shapira, co-chair of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s Jewish Community Foundation. The Foundation’s Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future, in conjunction with the schools, has underwritten the program offering the scholarship funds. “Across their spectrum, the Pittsburgh Jewish Day Schools offer the highest quality education with options that will suit the preferences and needs of any Jewish family.”

    The free tuition program is for local, permanent residents who apply to one of the three Jewish Day Schools for the first time. The student must meet admission guidelines for the desired school and be currently enrolled in any school in Allegheny County. Families that are new to the area will not be eligible at this time. To qualify, students must be enrolled prior to the start of the 2011-2012 school year. Families interested in learning more about qualifying can go to http://www.pittsburghjewishdayschools.com or contact one of the three schools to schedule a tour.

    “As a city, Pittsburgh needs strong neighborhoods in order to thrive,” said Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. “For decades, the Pittsburgh Jewish Day Schools have been strong partners in creating a tremendously stable neighborhood in Squirrel Hill. For Jews and non-Jews alike, these schools are an important part of the fabric that makes this community unique. They have attracted students from around the world and led talented professionals to relocate to Pittsburgh over other regions, so their children can experience this unique Jewish Day School education.”

    About Pittsburgh Jewish Day Schools
    Pittsburgh Jewish Day Schools are both a magnet and an anchor for the community, contributing stability and a unique cooperation with our community partners. Across our spectrum and amid the umbrella of Pittsburgh Jewish Day Schools that are nestled in the Squirrel Hill community, we offer:

    Community Day School:
    Founded in 1972, Community Day School, a Solomon Shechter Day School, nurtures 280 Jewish children from kindergarten through 8th grade to become young people who are academically strong, good people, knowledgeable Jews, and contributing citizens of K’lal Yisrael (the people of Israel), the United States, and our world. The school is committed to helping each individual child excel in his or her studies, in spirituality, on the athletic field, and in the social arena. Community Day School educators recognize that children learn at different rates, in different styles, and from diverse strengths, and the school builds programs that help them grow from strength to strength.

    Hillel Academy: Founded in 1948, Hillel Academy has 242 students and offers an emphasis on Jewish and rigorous general studies, a love of Israel and recognition of the commitment to community service for children preschool through high school. A PA Pre-K Counts School, Hillel Academy offers the Isadore Joshowitz Early Childhood Center, a NAEYC accredited early childhood center for Jewish children beginning at age two and is committed to creating a community filled with inquisitive minds and thoughtful students who become strong Jewish leaders. We bring our students a top notch general studies education with the timeless teaching of Torah study and Jewish values.

    Yeshiva Schools
    : Founded in 1943, Yeshiva Schools offers a comprehensive curriculum of secular and Judaic studies for children from preschool through high school. Approximately 400 students from diverse backgrounds attend Yeshiva. Dedicated to educating the whole child, Yeshiva imbues its students with a deep understanding of Torah that has inspired thousands of graduates to live as proud Jews in myriad professions in countries all over the world.

    Community Day School

    6424 Forward Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217
    Email:[email protected]

    Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh
    5685 Beacon Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217
    Email:[email protected]

    Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh

    2100 Wightman Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217
    Email:[email protected]

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    13 years ago

    This is a tremendous achievement. The Jewish day schools in Brooklyn should follow their lead and do the same.