Jerusalem – Suspect In Abu Chatzeira Murder Made Reference To Moshiach Ben Ben Yosef


    Asher Dahan. Photo: Kikar.netJerusalem – According to Israeli new sources, neighbors of Asher Dahan, the suspect detained by police in the fatal stabbing of Rabbi Elazar Abu Chatzeira ztl’l last night in Beer Sheva, said that Dahan’s behavior yesterday had been very unusual, with Dahan davening the Yom Kippur Maariv last night. Asked about his unusal behavior Dahan replied “I must daven that Moshiach Ben Yosef will not die.”

    According to Yediot Ahronot, Dahan’a bizarre behavior began at Shachris yesterday morning when he requested a that a misheberach be made for him. When questioned about his request by fellow daveners, Dahan is said to have replied “I need a misheberach.” Later during the day when Dahan’s credit card was refused by a local supermarket he allegedly told the cashier “you are going to be hearing about me”. He was also spotted crying in his yeshiva and when asked what was wrong he replied, “I am crying for Moshiach Ben Yosef not to die.”

    Dahan’s neighbors in the chareidi community of Elad described the alleged murderer as “a good boy, smart and educated. It is difficult to imagine that he committed this crime, but if one were to connect all the dots perhaps they might have realized that he was planning to do something wrong.”

    Dahan was reportedly a devoted follower of Rabbi Abu Chatzeira who went to the Rov frequently for advice and according to neighbors, Rabbi Abu Chatzeira had recently told Dahan he needed to separate from his wife. One neighbor told reporters, “Anyone who knew him knew that Rabbi Abu Chatzeira was like Moshiach for him.”

    Hundreds of Elad residents converged on Dahan’s building in Elad today but were sent home by the local police. Dahans wife and children were taken to another location by police who were concerned for their safey and a police car has been stationed at the entrance to the building.

    Asher Dahan, suspected of stabbing to death grandson of well known kabalist Baba Sali, Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira in his Beer Sheva yeshiva last night, is brought by police into the Beer Sheva court room on July 29, 2011. Photo by Dudu Greenspan/FLASH90

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