Jerusalem – Rabbi Melamed: Mehadrin Busses Undermine Family Structure


    Rabbi Eliezer MelamedJerusalem – In a weekly column to be published tomorrow in the Israeli newspaper Basheva, a well known halachic authority stated the there is no basis for enforcing segregation between men and women on busses. According to a report in Haaretz.

    Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, dean of Yeshiva Har Bracha, located in Lev Hashomron, and the prominent author of the popular Peninei Halacha series, came out strongly about the importance of distinguishing between halacha and chumra.

    “There are very clear boundaries in halacha distinguishing between what is required and what is optional. When you try to obligate people to follow a custom that is laudatory but not actual halacha, you destroy the foundations of Torah and halacha.”

    According to Rabbi Melamed, enforcing separation between men and women on busses is detrimental to the family structure as men are unable to sit with their wives, fathers are unable to sit with their daughters and mothers are unable to sit with their sons. While Rabbi Melamed is in favor of segregation in public venues, he considers a bus to be a completely different circumstance.

    “It is very important not to add additional stringencies when it comes to matters of tznius,” warned Rabbi Melamed.

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