Uman – Court: Breslov Chasidim Could Use Rabbi Nachman’s Synagogue


    5 Orthodox Jewish pilgrims celebrate Rosh Hashanah in Uman city, about 200 km South of Kiev, Ukraine, 28 September 2011. EPAUman – Hasids who come to Uman, Cherkasy region of Ukraine, to visit the grave of their spiritual leader Tsadik Nahman every year can now use the building of a former synagogue, Serhiy Tulub, the head of the Cherkasy region’s administration, said.

    “The Hasidic religious community has full rights to use the building of the former synagogue in which Tsadik Nahman used as a prayer house,” Tulub was quoted by the Cherkasy region’s administration as saying.

    The land site, which has an area of four hectares, is located in Uman, 49 Radianska Street, where the instrument-making plant Megommetr has been located since 1957.

    The Cherkasy region’s Economic Court invalidated the sale by the city council of the four-hectare land site with the building of the former synagogue on it to the plant, granting a lawsuit filed by the local culture department.

    The court also ordered the enterprise to return the land site to the city and the state council to return the money paid for the land site to the enterprise.

    Every fall, pilgrims go to Uman to visit the grave of Rabi Nahman. Their number is increasing now that the visa regime has been lifted between Ukraine and Israel.

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    11 years ago

    I hope this won’t hurt the good relationship the breslovers have with the uman residents

    11 years ago

    Why would the Breslover want to use an abandoned shul that was going to be converted into a factory? They come to daven for a day or two at the kever of the rav, not to make aliyah and settle in Uman.

    11 years ago

    The synagogue was actually built by R’ Nosson after R’ Nachman’s death.

    11 years ago

    the synagogue was built by Rabbi Nosson and was then taken by the ukrainians and made into a metal factory, breslov chassidim have tried to get it back many times but never did! but B”H hegiya hazman!! Thank you Hashem

    11 years ago

    where is this from the writing does not make sense.
    the place of the kever not big enough for the thousands that come Rosh Hashanah.