Mineola, NY – Flatbush Vaad Vouches For Morrell


    Scott Morrell at press conference at New York State Supreme Court in Mineola, NY.  (PRNewsFoto/Morrell of Woodbury)Mineola, NY – The rabbi who provides kashrus supervision for Scott Morrell at the Woodbury Jewish Center came out strongly in support of Morrell and his catering business today, saying that the Vaad Hakashrus of Flatbush has supervised and will continue to supervise Morrell Caterers at their Woodbury location.

    “We are not changing anything or kashering anything,” Rabbi Meir Goldberg told VIN News. “We have done our investigation and nothing was compromised. We stand behind them one thousand percent.”

    In a letter released today by the Flatbush Vaad, Rabbi Goldberg affirms that there is constant supervision at the Woodbury facility, with a mashgiach inspecting all items and that only the mashgichim have keys to the kitchen which is kept locked when they are not present. Rabbi Goldberg further explained that when Morrell Caterers caters an event at any other facility, including Temple Israel in Lawrence and Temple Beth Torah in Melville, the entire kitchen and all utensils are kashered completely.

    While Scott Morrell is not Orthodox, Rabbi Goldberg said he had complete confidence in Morrell, calling him “one of the most upstanding people I know. Scott does not play games when it comes to kashrus.” Rabbi Goldberg further marveled at the fact that people are ready to take the word of two disgruntled non-Jewish employees.

    “Halachically they have absolutely no ne’emanus,” said Rabbi Goldberg. “We have a reputable high end caterer, who is known to be ethical, with a reliable hashgacha and these two men come along and everyone is up in arms? It is sad to see how two non-Jews can pit Jew against Jew.”

    In a statement released by Morrell, he pointed the finger of blame not at Tom Cataldo and Michael Savitsky, the two former employees who have accused him of serving tainted food, but rather at Howard Fensterman, a former client who is now a defendant in a $19 million insurance scam. Morrell alleges that the accusations against him have been masterminded by Fensterman, a managing partner at a Lake Success law firm, in an attempt to persuade him to withdraw from the lawsuit, accusing Fensterman and others of misappropriating funds and then telling investors that the money was appropriated by members of a royal family in Dubai. Morrell is one of three plaintiffs in the Delaware lawsuit and is seeking compensatory and punitive damages of 1.6 billion dollars.

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