France – Sarkozy In Toulouse: Shooting ‘Abominable Drama And A Frightening Tragedy’


    France's incumbent President and UMP ruling candidate for 2012 presidential election Nicolas Sarkozy (C), next to France's Education Minister Luc Chatel (3-L), France's Jewish central Consistory Joel Mergui  (2-R) and Pierre Cohen (2nd R), mayor of Toulouse and Head of Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (Crif) Richard Pasquier (L) speaks in front of the 'Ozar Hatorah' Jewish school, where four people (three of them children), were killed and two seriously wounded when a gunman opened fire in Toulouse, France, 19 March 2012.  EPA/ERIC CABANIS/POOLToulouse, France – President Nicolas Sarkozy called the shooting an “abominable drama and a frightening tragedy.” He cancelled his appointments and left for Toulouse on Monday morning, accompanied by Education Minister Luc Chatel and the president of the CRIF French Jewish association, Richard Prasquier.

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    Sarkozy and Socialist presidential nominee François Hollande announced the suspension of the election campaign. French police heighten security around Jewish schools across France closing streets.

    The president met with local police officers. Speaking in Toulouse he said that “the investigation will be completed in its entirety. Whoever did it was crazy to murder Jewish children.”

    The commander of the local police said they didn’t yet have a lead, but that a suspicious white car was seen at the scene of the crime.

    Sarkozy said that on Tuesday, every school in France will stand for a moment of silence for the victims of the Toulouse shooting.

    Hollande, the socialist presidential candidate for the French presidency announced that he will also travel to Toulouse to “express solidarity with the victims’ families and the French Jewish community.”

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    11 years ago

    Pres. Sarkozy: This is an election year, need you be reminded??? Why did you wait a week??