Miami Beach, FL – Orthodox Plastic Surgeon Offers Free Surgery To Jewish Singles


    Miami Beach, FL – The local plastic surgeon who appeared in a controversial music video is under a new wave of criticism after his offer to Jewish singles.

    Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the Orthodox Jewish Bay Harbor plastic surgeon who made national headlines for commissioning a rock band to write a song about nose jobs, has put himself front and center with a controversial new offer.

    The doctor’s new plan involves cosmetic surgery for Orthodox Jewish singles who cannot get married. “I made an offer on my Facebook page that if there were any singles in the Orthodox community that felt they could benefit from cosmetic surgery, I would do it pro bono,” said Salzhauer.

    Salzhauer said he was inspired by a recent article in a Jewish newspaper that detailed the crisis of getting married in the Jewish community. He believes that cosmetic surgery could lead to more marriages. “The first question that mothers of prospective grooms ask a potential bride is, ‘Well, is she pretty?'” he said.

    Fresh off the music video controversy where the lead singer plays a young man who cannot seem to get a date because of a nose that looks like “Jewcan Sam,” comes another splash that some may find offensive. In the Orthodox Jewish community, many couples are set up by match makers. Under Dr.

    Salzhauer’s plan, these match makers would single out Jewish singles who they thought needed cosmetic surgery but cannot afford it.

    Salzhauer, who is very involved in the Jewish community and was honored Tuesday night from an organization that helps out Jewish children with cancer, says this is his way of giving back. “A lot of good could come out of all this publicity, if it helps people in my community find their prospective matches and form families and have happy lives,” he said.

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