Jerusalem – Israelis Remember War Dead On Memorial Day


     Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) attends a state memorial ceremony on Remembrance Day for the fallen soldiers of Israel's wars, in Yad Lebanim soldiers Memorial in Jerusalem, Israel, 24 April 2012.  EPA/ABIR SULTAN/POOLJerusalem – Israelis stood to attention as sirens around the country sounded at the beginning of the annual Memorial Day for Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

    The day is one of the most somber dates on the Israeli calendar. After decades of conflicts, most Israelis have lost friends or relatives or know someone who has.

    Bars, restaurants and other places of entertainment closed for the daylong commemoration beginning Tuesday evening.

    Israel said 22,993 of its soldiers and civilians have been killed since 1860, when Jews began moving back to the area.

    A second siren is scheduled to be sounded Wednesday morning, when memorial ceremonies are set for around the country.

    In contrast, Israel’s Independence Day begins after sundown Wednesday, and Israelis plan to take to the streets in celebration.

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    11 years ago

    Yehi Zichram Baruch – May their sacrifice never be forgotten

    11 years ago

    These great heroes also protected and died for the ungrateful Yidden who are against Israel, but who live there and take advantage of their protection. Today, these Yidden should bow their heads in shame.

    11 years ago

    Just heard the sirens about an hour ago.

    Hashem yinkom domom

    11 years ago

    Yehi Zichram Baruch

    11 years ago

    May we always remember these heros and let there peace in the State of Israel.