New York – NY GOP Announces Charedi Publicist As Director Of Jewish Outreach


     Yossi GestetnerNew York – The New York Republican State Committee announced Yossi Gestetner as the Director of Jewish Outreach.

    During the last seven years, Mr. Gestetner has been a resilient voice for Conservative values and Republican ideals. Published and broadcast in a wide spectrum of Jewish media outlets, Yossi has illustrated his broad understanding and deep connection to members of the Jewish Community. For years, Yossi has worked with leaders and activists on a host of issues important to the Jewish Community and beyond.

    As recent published reports indicate, the Jewish Community in New York State continues to grow on a rapid pace, and its members are increasingly involved in the political process. “I am honored to assist the NY State GOP in their efforts to continue reaching out to the Jewish Community, and to advocate for the issues important to the Community”, Gestetner told VIN News.

    The New York GOP looks forward to working closely with Yossi in creating a stronger New York for all said Ed Cox Chairmen of the NY GOP.

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