New York – Miami Boys Choir Music Video Highlights Siyum Hashas


    Image grab from a newly released music video, the first ever released by Yerachmiel Begun’s Miami Boys ChoirNew York – With just under seven weeks remaining until the iconic twelfth Siyum Hashas celebration, a newly released music video, the first ever released by Yerachmiel Begun’s Miami Boys Choir, highlights the importance of involving children in this historic event.

    “The Siyum is all about families, as fathers learn with their sons and mothers do their part to be supportive in any way they can,” Begun told VIN News. “It seemed appropriate to have some kind of musical inspiration about this event and since the Medrash talks about our children being the guarantors of the Torah, it made sense to get the choir involved in a project like this.”

    The music video, titled When The Siyum Calls, clocks in at just under five minutes and the original Begun composition depicts members of the choir learning in a Beis Medrash as well as gathering outside MetLife Stadium, site of the upcoming Siyum Hashas.

    “The message here is twofold: not only is the Siyum the beginning of a whole new cycle or learning, but it is also an event is for all of Klal Yisroel, young and old, no matter what their religious background,” explained Begun. “The Siyum is for all corners of Torah Jewry, not just the black hatters. No matter what anyone’s background may be, we are all capable of moving further ahead.”

    When The Siyum Calls is the title track of a two CD album, newly released by Nigun Distributors. While the second disc of the album features two new songs as well as sixteen newly re-edited and re-mastered Miami classics that go hand in hand with the theme of the Siyum, the first disc contains the music video as well as four tracks, each approximately fifteen minutes in length, featuring Divrei Torah from Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, Rabbi Dovid Weinberg and Rabbi Noach Oelbaum.

    “While each of the speakers spoke about something else relating to the Siyum, a key theme was the achdus of Klal Yisroel in light of the upcoming Siyum, with the Torah binding us together no matter where we come from,” said Begun, who insisted on professional quality audio for recording the speakers. “Shouldn’t we treat our recorded Torah lectures in as professional a way as we treat our music?”

    When The Siyum Calls is a project of Shirainu, created by Begun, who in recent years has been vociferous in his insistence that Jewish music maintain its traditional sound and not be colored by secular influences. Begun hopes to create other projects that would mix Torah learning with Jewish music.

    “Mixing learning with music is something I have wanted to do for years,” said Begun. “I look forward to using the respective kochos of each of these two mediums to help further the other.”

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    11 years ago

    Beautiful music video.. a class act

    11 years ago

    Nice-Good work Men

    11 years ago


    11 years ago

    Thank you VIN for posting this article.Begun and Miami boys continue to be a true Kiddush Hashem.

    11 years ago

    Jewish music has been influenced by it’s host culture for at least the past few hundred years of recorded sheet music and oral traditionally transmitted niggunim. I recall MBC being considered too “modern” and “rockish” by my Rabbeim 20 years ago. We are always evolving.

    Tremendous yasher koach to Yerachmiel and his choir for all they have done for our community.

    A minor factual correction- this is far from Miami’s first music video.

    11 years ago

    Reb Yerachmiel…… your top of the line. Keep up your good work. It’s real music.