Brooklyn, NY – Williamsburg Vandalism Spree Ensues Following Highway Attack On Rabbi’s Car


    Some of the shattered car windows on Lee Avenue and Hooper Street in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.Brooklyn, NY – Approximately one dozen Williamsburg residents woke up this morning to discover their vehicles’ windows shattered by a pellet gun, police are trying to determine if the vehicles were selected randomly or if they were targeted by anti-Semitic vandals.

    The overnight shooting spree began early this morning at 12:15 AM when Rabbi Aron Kraus of Williamsburg was traveling southbound on the Harlem River Drive from Monsey and an unknown individual in a dark colored SUV pulled up next to his car and shot out the windows with a pellet gun. Just thirty minutes later, the first car windows were discovered shattered in Williamsburg and at least twelve cars parked on Lee Avenue near Lynch Street had been vandalized.

    Police are still trying to determine if the shooting spree was the result of a hate crime and they are looking into a possible connection with two other anti Semitic incidents that occurred in recent days, with several newly painted swastikas discovered in both Borough Park and Kensington.

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