Washington – ORA Posts Billboard To Force Recalcitrant Husband To Give A Get


    Using a billboard in DC Metro to coerce Aharon Friedman to give ex-wife Tamar a get. Washington – The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA) has taken a new approach in trying to force Silver Spring resident Aharon Friedman to give his ex-wife, Tamar Epstein, a get. The organization has posted a large billboard with Friedman’s photo and the message, “AHARON FRIEDMAN GIVE A GET NOW” in the Wheaton metro station, according to a report in the Washington Jewish Week (http://bit.ly/Uj5jcE).

    Friedman and Epstein married in April 2006 and had a daughter the following November. By March 2008, the couple had separated and was civilly divorced in April 2010, but Friedman refused to give Epstein a get. The couple had previously lived in the Kemp Hill neighborhood of Silver Spring. Epstein has since relocated with the couple’s daughter to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Rabbi Jeremy Stern, executive director of ORA, confirmed that the ad was paid for by a sponsor and out of the organization’s budget. He indicated that the advertisement was intended to “raise awareness” and that additional billboards may be posted around the area. Stern said ORA wants “to make this a social media campaign.”

    For more information, visit freetamar.org.

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    11 years ago

    When will the Men Rights organizations post billboards to ask the wives not to deny their Husbands rights to share time with their Children? Until then I have no sympathy for these campaigns.

    11 years ago

    they obtained a civil divorce but no get…
    that is bad
    the wife took the child away from the father to philadelphia
    that is also bad

    i hope that God helps both of these prople to find comfort and both meet their obligations as former spouses and as parents

    11 years ago

    For anyone that is interested in “agunas” there exist far more Men agunas then women, (I’m sure you never knew this)

    11 years ago

    before you put this garbage on line, why don’t you check your facts?
    the av bais din of the only bais din that heard both sides of this story has said that l’halacha there is no chiyuv for a get to be given in this case.

    11 years ago

    Well the whole thing does’nt sound right, we don’t know the facts and. Who’s to blame for this, for all we know, she dosent wana give him vistation right’s

    11 years ago

    Loser. Can’t keep a wife happy so he keeps her prisoner.

    The rumors about his strange life style are probably all true.

    11 years ago

    None of us know what kind of father he may be. Is he abusive?? Maybe she is protecting her child?? There has to be a reason. Has he been supporting the child all these years?? Nobody knows??These are questions that we do not have answers for. I don’t think she should be imprisoned for the rest of her life because she was married to him and he refuses to give her a get!!

    11 years ago

    The poisonous woman took the man’s daughter 3 hours drive away from him. Unless she or the daughter was in physical jeopardy from him, and nothing like that was ever claimed here, this step alone tells me more than I need to know about her. I hope Mr. Friedman holds out and does not give her a get at least until she
    1) resolves her daughter’s residence to his satisfaction, i.e. either relocates back to reasonable distance from him or lets her daughter live with him and
    2) stop using goyisher/modern-orthodox tactics, such as damaging man’s reputation, and fairly compensates him for the damage she already inflicted.