Jerusalem – Again, Israel Shoots Down Hamas Rockets Fired At Tel Aviv


     An Israeli 'Iron Dome' fires a missile against a Grad missile fired from the Gaza StripJerusalem – Israel’s “Iron Dome” interceptor system shot down two incoming rockets from the Gaza Strip on Sunday night and no casualties or damage was reported, a police spokesman said.

    Hamas, Gaza’s Islamist rulers, claimed responsibility for firing at the city.

    It was the second strike on Israel’s commercial capital on Sunday. In the earlier attack, one person was hurt by falling debris from a rocket that was intercepted south of the city.

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    10 years ago



    following the Creation of Israel in 1948 where the UN itself saw the importance of a Jewish state, that very first night brought Israeli into war, thanks to David Ben Guarion who had the HAGINA army ready, now lets fast forward to the 6 day and yoim kipper war which both made it in the history books for being a major success! until when Israel let themselves from other country’s dictating her!

    I’m horrified by those satmara Hasidim who Israels fall is there rise there is no justification in it!! why are they better then HITLER HY”D he also killed the anti dati and also the dati so the whole difference is if dati or not?!

    who are they to judge a fellow Jew!? as if they being a shomar shabbat gives them the all clear!? what with all loshan horas and so on………………

    Yes we need garois rachmim so where are the taffilos I’m not asking (by the way i am) they should come and say tahilim, but why by Tafilas mariv (look this weeks parsha verse 2) when it comes to the prayer from “vahushkivini” they swallow there words as if it is spaghetti!!

    We are not in any more danger then we where last week when we sat back like cowards when we are being rained on with rockets!!!

    Klal yisroel sadly has a bitter rough history, but we are not here for us we are here for g-d!

    נצח ישראל לא ישתכח

    But let me share with you a verse of wisdom “A NON JEW RESPECTS A JEW, WHO RESPECTS JUDAISM” so don’t think for a moment the answer is to hide identity!!

    Let us continue to pray for each other it cost us nothing to pray let us pray for our brothers and sister in the holy land אם ה’ לא ישמר עיר שוא שקד שומר

    אחינו בני ישראל הנתינים בצרה ובשביה העומדים בין בים ובין ביבשה המקום ירחם עליהם ויוציאם מצרה

    לרוחה ומאפילה לאורה ומשיעביד לגאולה השתא בעיגלה ובזמן קריב מאוד

    המקווה ומתפלל לכל עמו ישראל