Jerusalem – IDF Investiagting Soldiers ‘Bibi Loser’ Photo


    Soldiers use their bodies to spell in Hebrew' Bibi [is a] loser' Thursday (photo credit: screen capture/Facebook)Jerusalem – Sixteen IDF soldiers could face court-martial proceedings after posing in uniform for a photograph where their arranged bodies spelled out the phrase “Bibi Loser” in Hebrew letters. Their act is an expression of defiance against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decision to accept a cease-fire with Hamas instead of sending ground troops into Gaza.

    The Times of Israel reports ( that the photograph has gone viral, and has received over 3,000 “Likes” and 400 “shares” in one Facebook group alone within just three hours of being posted. Comments on the photo ranged from those calling for the soldiers to be court-martialed to sympathy for the soldiers’ frustration.

    Other comments refer to Netanyahu as a coward for keeping the IDF from “giving it to Hamas” and “getting the job done.”

    Tens of thousands of reservists were called up and deployed close to the Gaza border, but were told to stand down. “We were twice ordered to gear up and told that we are going in, and then we were called back to Israel,” said one soldier. Other soldiers reported that they had even opened the border gates, but were ordered to return.

    It is still unclear where the photo originated. Though the soldiers did not wear their distinctive insignias in the photo, their red boots reveal that they are from infantry units. The IDF Spokesman’s Office said it is investigating the incident.

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