Los Angeles – Charedi Rabbi Who Refused To Rat On Jews Freed After Seven Months In Prison


    In this Dec. 11 2012 photos Zigelman in Shul reciting The Gomel Blessing at the Torah in an unidentified Borough Park synagogue. Photo: CourtesyLos Angeles – A judge has ordered a Brooklyn orthodox rabbi be freed after he refused to answer questions, saying his religion forbids him from testifying against other Jews.

    The Los Angeles Times reports (http://lat.ms/VyWsiM ) Judge Margaret Morrow ordered Rabbi Moshe Zigelman freed Monday, after he spent seven months in a Brooklyn jail.

    Morrow ordered Zigelman freed when a federal prosecutor agreed in court papers that “additional incarceration would be futile” in compelling the rabbi to testify.

    Zigelman was found in civil contempt in Dec. 2011 after Morrow rejected his attorney’s argument that forcing him to testify would violate his First Amendment religious freedom.

    The Jewish doctrine of mesira bars Jews from informing on other Jews to secular authorities.

    Zigelman had been called before a grand jury regarding an investigation into the Spinka sect, which was accused of tax fraud.

    He had pleaded guilty in 2008 to criminal conspiracy and received a two-year prison sentence.

    Below video: Munkatch Rebbe Dancing with Rabbi Moshe Eliezer Ziegelman After Chanukkah Candle Lighting on Dec. 11 2012.

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