New York – Google Launches Spanish Jewish Heritage Website


    New York – Google has partnered with the Network of Jewish Neighborhoods (Juderias de Eapaña), a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 dedicated to protecting “urban, architectural, historical, artistic and culturally Sephardic heritage and Jewish culture in Spain,” to develop the Routes of Sepharad or Caminos di Sefarad website which was launched this week in Madrid.

    Powered by Google Maps and Street View technology, visitors can now take a virtual tour of the primary Jewish landmarks in 24 cities and towns in Spain. Users can click on a landmark to learn information about the site and see a 360-degree view of the location, reports the Spanish-language website (

    A total of 523 sites, 910 dates, and 1,667 photos are now available online according to a blog post written by William Echikson, head of Google External Relations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    The Routes of Sepharad website can be viewed at

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