Jerusalem – Rav Ovadia Yosef To Yeshiva Students: Leave Israel To Avoid Being Drafted


FILE - Shas spirtual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is seen during a gather for a Shas party conference at the Jerusalem's International Convention Center.November 03, 2012. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 Jerusalem – During a lecture this past Friday in Jerusalem, Rav Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Shas party, said if Israel continues to draft yeshiva students into the IDF, the students may have no choice but to leave Israel in order to continue their studies elsewhere, according to a report in Maariv (

“The Torah is in danger,” said Rav Yosef. “How will they be Torah scholars if they are drafted into the army? We will God forbid have to leave the Land, to travel to outside the Land of Israel, in order to ensure that the yeshiva students will be free to study. We are in great trouble and grave danger. This is the time for each and every person to commit to vote for the parties that support the Torah.”

“There is a terrible edict hanging over our heads, God forbid,” Rav Yosef continued. “But we would have no choice but to leave the Land of Israel in order to ensure that the yeshiva students are not forced to fight. We are surrounded by enemies and haters, but for these evil ones who hate Torah, it doesn’t matter. All they [the groups demanding that Haredi students serve in the IDF] are interested in is punishing us and decreeing harsh and evil decrees against us, the Haredi yeshiva students. This is a terrible edict. We are in great trouble.

Who can tolerate such a thing for our bochrim to be conscripted into the army instead of learning Torah and becoming strong in Torah?”

“Therefore, rabbosi, do not be silent. I cannot sleep from this. I have great agitation over this matter. We are in great danger. Understand this situation well. These are men who do not know and do not understand. They walk in darkness. They don’t know what Torah is.”

Rav Yosef also had harsh words for those who plan to vote for non-Haredi political parties, saying, “They must be aware of the Judgment Day. What will they answer God on that day? God will tell them that they forsook the Torah and left it in the hands of evildoers. May God upset the plans of our enemies,” he concluded.

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