Brooklyn, NY – NY Assemblyman Wants To Prevent New Banks From Opening On 13th Avenue In Borough Park


    Some of the more then 17 banks on a 10 block radius stretch along 13th Ave in Borough Park section of Brooklyn, NY. NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind Said he wants to prevent more banks from opening branches on 13th Ave.Brooklyn, NY – In an effort to protect small businesses, Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind has announced he is working to prevent any additional banks from opening up along 13th Avenue in Borough Park.

    In a press release, Hikind said that the growing number of bank branches along the popular shopping strip has driven up the cost of rents, and has left small business owners unable to compete with the demand for rent increases. According to Hikind, two long-time community fixtures along 13th Avenue – Kosher Delight and the Donut Man – were recently forced to close their doors owing to the higher rent costs.

    “It’s hurting our community,” Hikind said. “Small store owners—people whose family businesses have served residents for generations—can no longer afford the rent. There’s already 17 banks in a ten-block span and an 18th one plans to open. That’s plenty.”

    Hikind also claims that when local merchants are forced to pay higher rents, they pass the cost on to the consumers. “When rents go up, so do prices,” Hikind said. “Our community members are paying a heavy toll for these banks.”

    Hikind said City Councilmen David Greenfield and Brad Lander, as well as Community Board 12 Chairman Yidel Perlstein all “enthusiastically support” his proposed initiative.

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