New York, NY – Teachers’ Prez: Bloomberg ‘My Way Or The Highway’


    Mayor Bloomberg updates New Yorkers on status of teacher evaluation negotiations. January 17, 2013
(Photo Credit: Kristen Artz By nycmayorsoffice/Flickr)New York, NY – The president of New York City’s teachers’ union says there’s no agreement on a new teachers evaluation system because of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “my way or the highway” attitude.

    Michael Mulgrew told reporters Thursday the union had actually reached an agreement with the Department of Education. But then, he said, he assumes the DOE called City Hall and then “we didn’t have an agreement.”

    He said he watched the mayor’s news conference where he announced that no agreement had been reached. Mulgrew said he “never saw such blatant misrepresentation of the facts.”

    The city faced a deadline of Thursday to submit an evaluation plan to New York state or risk losing up to $450 million in state aid and grants.

    Bloomberg said the teachers “unilaterally walked away from our negotiations.”

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