Tel Aviv – Israel Close-Mouthed On Reports On Bringing Yemenite Jews To Israel


    Tel Aviv – Jewish Agency and Ministry Absorption officials are keeping mum on reports in the Arab media that Israel has brought in a group of the last remaining Yemeni Jews to Israel via Doha. According to a report from the Palestinian newspaper Al-Manar quoted by the Iranian Fars news agency, Israel is “transferring Yemeni Jews to occupied lands” and is “preparing to host more Yemeni Jews in coming months.”

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    This new aliyah, the Iranian outlet reported, is part of “a Judaization plot to change the identity of the region.” Most of the Jews of Yemen were “lured to the occupied territories en masse” following Israel’s establishment in 1948, Fars reported.

    Spokesmen for the Ministry of Absorption and the Jewish Agency declined comment, although a Jewish Agency source did note the origin of the report in a derisive manner.

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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