Brooklyn, NY – Shock, Grief And Mourning As Williamsburg Couple Is Laid To Rest (PHOTOS-VIDEO)


    Members of the Satmar Orthodox Jewish community grieve over the coffins at the funeral for two expectant parents who were killed in a car accident, Sunday, March 3, 2013, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. A driver struck the car early Sunday morning, killing both parents while their baby, who was born prematurely, survived and is in critical condition. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)Brooklyn, NY – The streets in Williamsburg were flooded with tears this afternoon as a crowd of over 2,000 people gathered for the levaya of the young husband and his expectant wife whose lives were tragically cut short in the early morning hours in a horrific collision that left the close knit Satmar community reeling, as previously reported on VIN News.

    “This has shaken the core of the Orthodox community,” one person who attended the funeral which took place at the main Satmar synagogue on Rodney Street, told VIN News. “It is just as bad as when Leiby Klezky was killed. We all feel like one family. We all feel like we lost our own son and daughter.”

    The funeral for the pair was a gut-wrenching emotional event, punctuated by sobs and wailing, with Mrs. Glauber’s father Yitzchok Silberstein declaring, “I will never forget you, my daughter,” according to Associated Press reports.

    “Only recently a few months back I made the blessing of Hatov V’hamaytiv on the good news of the wedding of my daughter now I have to say Boruch Dayan Emes,” said R’ Silberstein.

    Many wept uncontrollably during the levaya with one spectator saying, “This feels like 9/11 for the Jewish community.”

    A second funeral was planned for Nachman Glauber this afternoon in his hometown of Monsey this afternoon at the Satmar synagogue on Monsey Boulevard according to reports on The couple will then be taken to Kiryas Joel for kevura.

    More details are beginning to emerge about the events that led up to the horrific collision, as relative Gary Schlesinger told The New York Times that Mrs. Glauber, who was in her twenty fourth week of pregnancy became concerned that the baby was not moving and the couple elected to go to the hospital around midnight.

    Police were still not releasing details of the accident and many factors including whether or not the livery cab in which the Glaubers were riding braked for the stop sign at the corner of Kent Avenue and Wilson Street, whether or not the victims were wearing seatbelts and whether or not alcohol was involved in the incident.

    CBS NewsRadio 88 reported that police questioned the owner of the 2010 grey BMW which struck the livery cab, but that the owner of the car is not thought to be involved in the accident. Police are still looking for the occupants of the BMW who were seen fleeing the scene by witnesses.

    The driver of the livery cab was identified by The New York Times as 32 year old Pedro Nunez Delacrus was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries before being released and various news reports indicate that the airbag in the 2008 Toyota Camry that Delacrus was driving had deployed, possibly sparing him from serious injuries. According to reports in the Huffington Post, the medical examiner has named the cause of death to the young couple as blunt force trauma.

    Emergency responders were initially hopeful that the Glaubers would both survive their injuries and paramedic Yisroel Altman told The New York Post that Mrs. Glauber was responsive in the ambulance until just a few minutes before her arrival at Bellevue.

    “I’ve seen worse cases,” said Altman. “It was the knock on the head that killed them.”

    Nachman Glauber was remembered by his fellow yeshiva students at Rabbical College of Bnei Shimon Yisroel of Shopron for his ever present smile and his outgoing and personable demeanor. His family owns G&G Clothing, a large supplier of chasidic men’s garb and the Glauber’s son, who was delivered by emergency c-section is expected to bear his father’s name.

    “You don’t meet anyone better than him,” cousin Sara Glauber told The Huffington Post, adding that Nachman Glauber’s mother had just given birth to a baby of her own two weeks ago. “I’ve never seen a mother-son relationship like this. He called her every day to make sure everything was okay. He was the sweetest, most charming human being, always with a smile on his face.”

    Raizy Glauber grew up in Williamsburg and hailed from a prominent rabbinical family.

    “They were very excited, of course they were very excited,” family member Sarah Gluck told The New York Times. “They were always glowing, they were just this glowing couple, pure and good and never hurt a soul.”

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