Williamsburg, NY – Tragedy Claims Lives Of Expectant Parents In Brooklyn; NYPD Looking For Driver Who Fled


    Police on the scene of the accident investigating on Feb 3 2013. Photo: Shimon GifterWilliamsburg, NY – Funeral services will be held this afternoon for the young Williamsburg couple whose lives were tragically cut short as they were en route to a hospital to deal with a pregnancy related issue, as previously reported on VIN News.

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    Both Nachman and Raizy Glauber were killed after a 2010 BMW sedan slammed into the livery cab they were riding in, according to reports in The Daily News. While the expectant parents, aged 21 years old, both died at local hospitals, doctors at Bellevue Hospital were able to deliver the Glaubers’ son by emergency c-section.

    Mrs. Glauber was reportedly nearing the end of her second trimester and the couple was on their way to nearby Long Island College Hospital at the time of the accident. The four pound baby is said to be in serious condition and the public is asked to daven for Tinok ben Raizel.

    The accident took place at 12:30 AM, according to police reports, and the Glaubers were in a 2008 black Toyota Camry traveling west on Wilson Street when their vehicle was struck by the speeding BMW, which was traveling north on Kent Avenue. Both the driver of the BMW and a passenger fled the scene on foot and police reportedly identified the pair to 1010 WINS as a man and a woman.

    No arrests have been made as of yet and detectives at Brooklyn’s 90th Precinct told VIN News that no details will be released at this time due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

    According to reports on CBS News, the unidentified driver of the livery cab survived the crash and called 911 immediately following the collision. Mrs. Glauber was thrown from the car by the force of the impact which was so severe that it sent the mangled Toyota spinning into the median, with the pregnant woman landing under a tractor trailer that was parked nearby. Both the cab driver and Nachman Glauber were pinned to the car and first responders had to cut the roof off the Camry in order to extricate the two. Nachman Glauber died at Beth Israel Hospital while the cab driver was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

    “I wasn’t there when it happened, but I was nearby and when I saw the fire department and Jewish ambulances coming, I ran over,” eyewitness Shulem Amram told VIN News. “The fire department had to cut open the car. They took off the windshield and the roof and took the male out of the car and laid him down. A few seconds later, they noticed the woman lying under the tractor trailer.”

    Amram, a 19 year old yeshiva student who lives in Williamsburg, received emergency training as part of his certification as a Water Safety Instructor. He performed CPR on Glauber along with members of Hatzalah.

    “He was fully unconscious and wasn’t responding at all. I tried my best but we lost him.”

    The funeral for the young couple, who had been married for just one year, is scheduled to take place at 2:00 this afternoon at the main Satmar synagogue in Williamsburg at 152 Rodney Street.

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