Israel – Infant Critically Hurt In Traffic Accident Caused By Stone Throwing Palestinians


A Palestinian runs next to a burning car tire during clashes with Israeli riot police in Hebron, the West Bank, 14 March 2013. EPA/ABED AL HASHLAMOUNIsrael – A three-year-old girl was critically injured in the West Bank on Thursday night when the car she was traveling in veered into an oncoming truck after it was hit by stone-throwers.

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Police said the girl’s mother and two sisters, aged 4 and 5 were all moderately injured in the accident, which took place on Highway 5 outside Ariel. A bus was also hit by rocks on the same road.

Emergency services were at the scene and had evacuated the family to hospital for treatment.

Police and the Shin Bet have both reported a sharp rise in rock-throwing and Molotov cocktail attacks in Judea and Samaria in recent months.

The accident occurred at the Gitai Avisar Junction between the settlements of Ariel and Barkan.

Police stated that they were still examining whether the stone-throwing was the cause of the accident.

Head of Bayit Yehudi reacted to the suspected attack on his Facebook page writing, “Some do not take stone throwing seriously and prevent action against them (stonethrowers). Stonethrowers attempt to kill and should be dealt with accordingly.”

Thursday’s suspected terror attack comes during a period of increased violence in the West Bank. The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) released a report Tuesday documenting a significant rise in Palestinian attacks in the West Bank and east Jerusalem in February.

A total of 139 attacks, including firebombings and improvised explosives, occurred in February, compared to 83 in January.

Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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10 years ago

can we have a name for tehillim?? (VIN, please include names of cholim in your articles)

10 years ago

These animals do it for fun! they know they can get away with it so they do it. They dont really care about the issues. They should all be shot regardless of age!!

10 years ago

As I’ve said before, thrown stones are lethal weapons (see David vs Goliath)