Williamsburg, NY – NY Blogger Takes On Case Of Alleged Parking Sign Caper By Hasidics


    FILE - Parking and bus signs very close one to the other at  Franklin corner Flushing Avenue in front of Yeshiva Bnos Ahavas Israel on May 5 2013. Photo: Stefano Giovannini/VINNews.comWilliamsburg, NY – Offering up a defense presentation that would make any litigator, professional or otherwise, giddy with excitement, a New York City blogger has taken on the case of the two Hasidic men who allegedly transplanted a “no parking” sign to benefit school buses servicing a Brooklyn yeshiva— a story that was carried by VINNEWS (http://bit.ly/10kvEoK) May 5th.

    “Larry’s Blog,” on the website NEWYORKPARKINGTICKET.com (http://bit.ly/12gnEsO) says the author decided to research the case, originally run as an “exclusive” in the New York Post, after becoming fascinated with the details of the case provided by MTA bus driver Jamar Perry, who testified he personally “witnessed” two Hasidic men carrying the sign and “resetting” it with “fresh cement.”

    Larry then asks the question; “Are the accusations by the bus driver truthful?”

    What follows is a thoroughly researched presentation, replete with photos and no-parking sign grid maps taken directly from the NYC DOT database.

    Larry’s Blog ends the presentation saying that “based” on “objective evidence,” it is “reasonable” to conclude that the two Hasidic me “did not” move the sign, but asks that readers provide feedback on whether or not they think the evidence provided supports the bus driver’s accusations.

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