Jerusalem – Halachic Ruling Allows Deaf-Mute Boys To Read At Bar Mitzvah


    Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) meets with children of the "Lend a Hand To a Special Child" group in his office Jerusalem on May 29, 2013. Netanyahu met with special needs children about to celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvah in his office Wednesday. Photo by Moshe Milner/ GPO/Flash 90. Jerusalem – A new halachic ruling issued by Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger allows for deaf-mute boys to read from the Torah during their bar mitzvahs—a remedy disabled boys have been praying for, for decades. ( reports that Rabbi Metzger’s ruling comes in response to the ongoing request from Lend a Hand to a Special Kid—a Chabad-affiliated group that helps kids from the Hadvir Hachadash school with their bar mitzvahs.

    In his ruling, the rabbi said that when deaf-mute boys are now called up to read a blessing from the Torah, they will sign-language the reading while an audience member verbally assists them.

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