Jerusalem – Noted Israeli Author Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth Dies At 85; Thousands Attend Funeral


    Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth Zt'lJerusalem – Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth, posek and noted author of the compendium of the laws of Shabbat, ‘Shemirat Shabbat Kehilchatah’, passed away at the age of 85 in Jerusalem Monday night.

    ARUTZ SHEVA 7 ( reports that thousands attended Rabbi Neuwirth’s funeral which began at his home in Bayit Vegan late Tuesday morning.

    Crowds gathered to pay their respects as the procession passed through the yeshiva Rabbi Neuwirth founded, Netivot Hochma, before ultimately reaching the Mount of Olives where he was buried.

    The rabbi had been hospitalized, and his condition had worsened in recent days.

    Rabbi Neuwirth was one the most well-known students of the late Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, and his book Shemirat Shabbat Kehilchatah revolutionized the study of Shabbat for observant Jews.

    Rabbi Neuwirth also served as halacha expert for Shaarei Tzedek Hospital.

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