Monroe, NY – In Photos-Video: Thousands Of Satmar Hasidim Mark 34th Yartzeit Of Rabbi Joel be Teitelbaum Zt’l


    Thousands Of ultra orthodox  Jews / Hasidim Mark 34th Yartzeit Of Rabbi Joel Titlebaum Zt'l in the village of Kiryas Joel near Monroe NY on Aug 2, 2013. photos by Stefano GiovanniniMonroe, NY – Thousands are pouring today into the Village of Kiryas Joel to take part in the annual observance of the death of Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, founder and first Grande Rebbe of the Satmar dynasty.

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    A steady stream of visitors from both Satmar and other Orthodox Jewish sects are making their way to the Kiryas Joel mausoleum where Rabbi Teitelbaum, under whose namesake the village was formed just two years prior to his death at the age of 92 in August of 1979, and his wife are buried.

    Officials cautioned that since Rabbi Teitelbaum’s yartzeit falls on a Friday this year, summer traffic along Route 17 may be may be affected.

    This morning, VIN News Brooklyn photographer Stefano Giovannoni visited the Village to capture the event.

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