Jerusalem – Belz Threatens To Leave Israel Over Draft Law


    FILE -  Ultra-Orthodox Hassidic Jews fill the Belz 'yeshiva' or seminary, in their synagogue in the Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem on 11 March 2009. EPAJerusalem –  A few days before the planned massive demonstration against the ultra-Orthodox draft law on Sunday, members of Belz threatened a “mass reduction” of their presence in Israel.

    As reported by Maariv ( the Hasidic group has made their plans to immigrate to the United States and Europe.

    According to an Israeli paper, U.S. senators have promised assistance to those planning to leave Israel and will help in obtaining refugee status for all Haredi families who choose to leave.

    Earlier this week, a historic conference of rabbinical councils was held in Bnei Brak over the growing anxiety of the draft law. Thirty rabbis from Agudate Israel, Shas and Degal HaTorah  attended the meeting to represent the effect of the law on the Orthodox public.

    A mass protest rally is planned for Sunday, the day before the law will be brought to a vote in the plenum. Also part of the vote – the inclusion of criminal sanctions against those who do not enlist.

    Organizers hope to reach a record participation of one million people at the protest.

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