Jerusalem – Israeli Finance Minister Lapid Says Prayed For First Time In Six Years For Safe Return Of Kidnapped Teens


    Israel Minister of Finance Yair Lapid arrive to visit the parents of missing Israeli teen, Gilad Sha'ar in Talmon, on June 18, 2014.  Flash90Jerusalem – Finance Minister Yair Lapid visited the home Wednesday of one of the kidnapped boys taken last week and relayed that he prayed when he heard of the abductions.

    A report by Israel Hayom journalist Emily Amrousi ( gives firsthand details of Lapid’s visit to Gilad Shaer’s home and his discussion with Gilad’s mother, Bat Galim.

    On Wednesday, Bat-Galim told Amrousi they have to be able to say that they did everything they possibly could to get the boys back.

    Lapid, replied he wouldn’t be able to look at himself if they didn’t do all they could for the safe return of the teens, continuing with, “I haven’t prayed in six years. I haven’t gone into a synagogue since my son’s bar mitzvah. When I heard what had happened to your sons, I turned my house upside down to look for my grandfather’s prayer book. I sat down and prayed.”

    “When Gil-ad comes back from yeshiva high school on Thursdays, he stands for hours in the kitchen, baking wonderful cakes. I do not know Naftali and Eyal, but if the black magnet took them together – if the three of them together became something that made Yair Lapid pray – I assume that they are as gifted as he is,” wrote Amrousi.

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