Israel – IDF: West Bank Attack May Have Been An Accident, Not Terror


    Palestinian police conducting security operations as they search for Palestinian criminals in the Israeli-controlled sector of Hebron, in the southern West Bank, early 06 November 2014. EPA/ABED AL HASHLAMOUNIsrael – A senior Israeli security source said Thursday that the IDF was examining the possibility that what has been referred to as a ramming terror attack that wounded three soldiers on Wednesday night in the West Bank, may have in fact been a hit-and-run accident.

    The first suspect, believed to be an abettor of the driver of the vehicle who hit the soldiers, was arrested by the Combat Engineering Corps’ 603rd Battalion in Bet Awa, in the South Mount Hebron region on Wednesday night soon after the incident.

    On Thursday morning, the driver of the van turned himself in, security forces said.

    A senior security source said one of the directions being examined is that the incident was a hit-and-run accident, and that the suspects did not intend to strike the soldiers.

    This direction is based on the possibility that the suspects may not fit the profile of terrorists, even ones who could act on their own, separate from an organization. “We are continuing to investigate all directions,” the source said.

    Despite the severe attack, the IDF continues to view the West Bank as being cut off from Jerusalem, and sources believe it would be premature to conclude that a new trend of terrorism is descending on the West Bank region.

    “We have to wait and take a deep breath before seeing if we are there,” the source added.

    “At this point, it doesn’t look like a trend. This is an unusual incident in Judea and Samaria, and the security analysis is that Jerusalem is still cut off from Judea and Samaria].”

    Additionally, the West Bank continues to see a decrease in the number of rock throwing attacks, the source said.

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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    8 years ago

    If Israel’s actions in Gaza are “war crimes”, this is terror! Are we starting to believe the crap the media is espousing?

    8 years ago


    8 years ago

    It does a great deal of harm to the international image of Israel when attacks such as these are immediately branded terror attacks when that may not be the case. Can’t the Israeli police and security forces learn to keep their mouths shut until there is something intelligent to say based on objective evidence? If there should chas veshalom be another attack, and it is a terrorist attack, there will be many who will immediately question that conclusion.

    8 years ago

    Great for REALIST and sissel613 to talk about crap and bull but just remember it is “A senior Israeli security source” who came out with this. What Mayer says makes more sense than just shouting crap and bull. Sometimes you need to think with your brain not your lower regions.