Zichron Yaakov, Israel – Israeli Family Leaves Town Over Harassment In Charedi School


    FILE - Students from Zichron Yaakov on Dec. 3, 2014, after it was closed down (Kikar)Zichron Yaakov, Israel – The family of two boys who were harassed at an ultra-Orthodox school have left the town after reportedly being given $30,400 to leave.

    Talmud Torah Zichron Gavriel was closed last week at the order of Local Council Chairman Eli Abutbul because of alleged repeated harassment of two brothers. While the student body is primarily Ashkenazi and the family in question is of Mizrahi background.

    Sources say the family of the boys were not considered “ultra-Orthodox” enough to attend the school, reports Haaretz (http://bit.ly/1yEAcrt).

    The father of the boys stated in a message sent to a relative that he and the boys’ grandfather were emotionally troubled by the harassment and had chosen to leave.

    After a rumor spread that the father told the Education Ministry about the harassment of the children, the family was subjected to graffiti on their home, broken flowerpots in the yard and stones being thrown at them on the street.

    The school reopened on Wednesday. Abutbul said he agreed to reopen after receiving commitments from the administration in writing that there would be no future discrimination.

    Abutbul also said he spoke to the father on Tuesday, who said his children were happy to return to school. Since then, he has not answered his phone, said Abutbul.

    Information taken from Haaretz

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