Jerusalem – Netanyahu’s Sons In Iran’s Cross-Hairs Suggests Iran Affiliated Website


    File: Yair and Avner Netanyahu, the sons of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) as he celebrates his birthday with wife Sarah (2-L). EPA/AVI OHAYON/GPOJerusalem – In an image released Monday on Mashregh, an Iranian state affiliated news site, the Prime Minister’s sons appear to be possible targets for Iran.

    Standing beside their parents, Yair and Avner Netanyahu are marked with cross-hairs as if in the sites of a sniper while profiles provide some details of their lives. Although the content of the article suggests that these are only guesses at who Iran and Hezbollah’s consider targets, recent events lends this speculation some weight.

    Only last week an Iranian Revolutionary Guard General, Ali Jafari, speaking on the subject of retaliation for an alleged Israeli strike that killed key Hezbollah and Iranian figures in the Golan Heights, warned that Israel should expect “destructive thunderbolts” in response.

    Also last week, a suspected breach of Israel’s northern border with Lebanon triggered a spike in security measures that saw the army deploying extra forces to the area and instructing families to stay in their homes with locked doors.

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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