Ramat Gan – Israeli Military Lawyer Says ICC Probe Not A Concern


    File: A Palestinian family flee from their home after Israeli warplanes targeted a house in Al-Shatea refugee camp in the west of Gaza City on, 24 August 2014. EPA/MOHAMMED SABERRamat Gan, Israel – Israel’s top military legal advisor says he is “not concerned” by the possibility of an investigation by the International Criminal Court into last year’s Gaza war.

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    Israel’s military advocate general, Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni says he believes the military’s own investigations into its actions are “sufficient enough” to thwart an ICC probe.

    Efroni told journalists Thursday on the sidelines of a conference on the laws of armed conflict that the military has opened 15 criminal investigations into the actions of its soldiers during the war. Two have been closed.

    The Palestinians recently joined the court and have threatened to press war crimes charges against Israel. But a robust Israeli inquiry into its military’s actions could be essential in staving off a potentially incriminating outside probe by the international court.‎

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    9 years ago

    How utterly ironic that the terrorists are behind a witch hunt against the most humane and careful army in the world!