London – Numbers Show Hundreds Of ‘Missing’ Haredi Boys In London’s Education System


    FILE - Members of the Jewish community cross the road in north London January 20, 2015.REUTERSLondon – New numbers released by the Department for Education revealed that hundreds of Orthodox Jewish boys in the borough of Hackney in London, England, are not in the official education system.

    Despite attempts by authorities to register the yeshivas where it has been believed many boys were studying, statistics show that seven times as many teen girls as boys in Haredi schools in Hackney, according to the Jewish Chronicle (

    A 2015 school census shows that 104 boys from 14-16 years old are enrolled in Haredi schools, compared to 721 girls in the same age range. There are 275 girls, age 13, in Haredi schools, while there are just 49 13-year-old boys in Haredi schools.

    The disparate numbers show that more than 800 boys are unaccounted for in the official education system.

    The Department of Education stated no new yeshivas have been registered in the last two years. A DfE spokesperson said it is illegal to run an unregistered school.

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