Jerusalem – Israeli Police Officer Injured In Car Explosion Speaks Out


    Moshe Chen, the Israeli police officer who was injured in an attempted suicide bombing near Ma'ale Adumim, speaks with media at the Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem, on October 11, 2015. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90Jerusalem – Police officer Moshe Chen, 45, who was lightly wounded when a terrorist’s explosive device went off on the road between Ma’aleh Adumim and Jerusalem on Sunday, described the events as they unfolded on his police radio.

    “I am on the road in the direction of the A-Zaim junction from the Adumim junction. The woman drove alone in the public transportation lane. I saw her acting suspiciously, she yelled ‘Alahu akbar’ (‘God is great’), seemed like she has set off a device. I am lightly wounded, the terrorist is on the ground, the car is burnt, is going to burn, someone there put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.”

    “I don’t know if I am lightly wounded, I am in shock, I have suffered some burns,” Chen added. “The device went off, she detonated the device.”

    After the event, Chen recounted more details from the incident.

    “I felt like something was wrong as I watched her car approaching. I exited my car with my protective vest and I told her that she was driving in the public transportation lane. She yelled ‘Alahu akbar’ and I noticed smoke coming out of the car. I wanted to bring a fire extinguisher but then there was an explosion. It was then I understood that she was a terrorist,” he said.

    “The explosion occurred right away and I asked people in the area to stay away because there was a terrorist. I saw people coming toward me to offer help.”

    Chen said he told armed bystanders to hold their fire and not to shoot the terrorist.

    “Some of them had weapons and I told them not to shoot at the woman, who at this point was not on fire and who was wounded and who did not pose a danger. I called for more police and security forces to come to the scene.”

    “You always hear of terrorist attacks and suddenly I am in one, boom, that’s how it is,” the officer shared.

    “I could have died but I am here, healthy and whole. I am very emotional; my son told me that his father is a hero.”

    “I lived through the first intifada and the second intifada and now this one,” he said, adding, “I hope it ends soon.”

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    7 years ago

    There is no logic or reason to hold back fire against any armed terrorist, for many reasons, one she could have used this as a decoy to trap the officer, and two, she will probably bear another dozen potential terrorists, if she lives, who will follow in her murderous footsteps!

    7 years ago

    Israel, how great you are! So proud to be associated with such extraordinary people. Baruch HaShem we have brave brothers like this.
    Hopefully there is some useful information that can be squeezed out of the rubbish that tried to do this to innocent people.

    7 years ago

    a true tzaddik! koleh olamoi beshoo achos. may he have arichus shonim in good health.

    7 years ago

    Why didn’t they shot her? She will do it again and how know what will happen next time

    7 years ago

    Guys calm down. They DO need her for interrogation to get the others who helped her and who are behind this.

    7 years ago

    Actually you would’ve been more of a hero if you’d have killed her! Now she can recover after being given medicaL treatment by Israel (!) and go out and do it again, thanks to your lack of decisive action!