Central Valley, NY – KJ Resident Shot At Harriman Strip Mall


    Central Valley, NY – Police are looking for the man who shot an 18 year old Kiryas Joel resident in the back outside a Harriman convenience store tonight.

    The shooting happened just outside the Quick Chek store located at River and Evergreen roads near the Route 17 and Route 6 interchange just after 9 PM tonight.

    David Schneebalg, who works in the store, said that someone ran into the store screaming that there had been a shooting outside.

    Schneebalg, who works for Haverstraw Ambulance in Rockland County, raced outside and saw the victim, Aron Weiss, getting into a passing car.

    “I ran out to the car and I took him into the store,” Schneebalg told VIN News. “I cut off his shirt and got a few tissues and start applying pressure.”

    Schneebalg noted that Weiss, who was conscious, alert and mobile, was bleeding from two separate locations: his right upper arm and the back of his shoulder.

    “The cop who arrived at the store said that it was one bullet that went in his shoulder and exited his arm,” said Schneebalg. “Then the State Police and KJ Hatzolah came and they took over.”

    Units from several local police forces, Kiryas Joel Public Safety and Mobile Life also responded to the scene. Weiss, who was reportedly in stable condition, was transported by Hatzolah to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla. According to Moshe Vitriol of the Kiryas Joel Safety Patrol, Weiss is expected to be released from the hospital tonight.

    According to Schneebalg, Weiss said that he was standing outside the store when was approached by a white male in a black hoodie who instructed him not to move and he was shot from behind when he turned to flee.

    While several KJ residents were shot at last month by BB guns, as previously reported on VIN News, Vitriol said that the shooter was not using a BB gun.

    Police are continuing to investigate the shooting.

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