Passaic, NJ – Missing Jewish Woman Found Dead In Submerged Car


    Passaic, NJ – A Passaic woman who has been missing for two days has been found dead in her car, submerged in the Passaic river.

    22 year old Devorah Stubin last spoke to her parents on Thursday night after being pulled over by police for a traffic stop. Miss Stubin, who suffers from Partial Seizure Disorder, did not have her medication with her at the time of disappearance, and reportedly sounded lost when she called home.

    New Jersey State Police chaplain Rabbi Abe Friedman confirmed that the vehicle found in the river was the vehicle Miss Stubin had been driving at the time of her disappearance.

    “The car is a match and the license plates match,” Rabbi Friedman told VIN News.

    Rescue teams are on hand to extricate the car from the river and Rabbi Friedman confirmed that there is a body in the car, which is expected to be identified as the missing young woman.

    Close to 1,000 volunteers joined in the search for Miss Stubin over the weekend, including members of law enforcement, local elected officials and Hatzolah volunteers from Passaic, Teaneck and Brooklyn.

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    7 years ago

    Baruch Daysn Emes

    7 years ago

    So sad……….’:-(

    7 years ago

    Baruch dayan ha’emes. I happen to know the family. Such a heartbreak.

    7 years ago


    Noble Member
    7 years ago

    BDE and my condolences to the family. BUT – a person with any kind of seizure disorder should not be driving a car. I have a close relative with such a disorder and she gave up her license. It’s terrible that this young lady lost her life, and I understand that a 22 year old girl needs her freedom but driving a car should not have been allowed. Consider that it could have been much worse. She could have had a seizure while driving down a crowded street and her car could have plowed into pedestrians and/or other cars. And, anti-seizure medication is not foolproof – a person on that medication could still have a seizure.

    7 years ago

    Boroch Dayan Haemet!
    To #5 -You have a lot of chutzpah blaming the victim for this accident. The official police report pertaining to the exact cause of this accident hasn’t even been released. Yet, you have the gall to lay all the blame at the footsteps at the victim (before the accident investigators have even completed their investigation). The family is sitting Shiva, and now is not the time to access blame. Shame on you for your insensitivity, on the loss of this young woman.

    Active Member
    7 years ago

    Ignore #5 . He is a persistent, yet ignorant & insensitive, know-it-all.

    7 years ago

    My heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the family. Such a tragedy. I am so very sorry for your loss.

    7 years ago

    To #10 -Benny-You just don’t get it, do you. While it is true that there are individuals with physical limitations who should not be driving, it was 100% inappropriate for the individual (#5), to post his insensitive opinions, even before the young woman was buried. It was as if he was blaming the victim. There are many drivers involved in very serious accidents, who were not speeding, were not on drugs or alcohol, did not have any physical limitations, etc. Sometimes, the cause of accidents could be other drivers, a mechanical defect in the car, an icy road, a blown tire, a deer, etc. My point is, until all of the facts are in, both you and #10 , should keep your “expert” opinions to yourself.

    7 years ago

    There is no credible evidence at all, to make anyone believe, who has all the facts first hand, that the cause of this tragedy was due to any illness. Many people have medical conditions.

    While none of us were in the car with her to know exactly what happened, the most logical reason for this tragedy was not her medical condition.

    I don’t know why we don’t have issues allowing diabetics get into a car and drive, or someone with asthma, or someone with a cold(its a rhetorical question). Its the same exact logic being used. A person can in any of the above cases if untreated cause similar accidents.

    If a person has an illness and is able to control the illness with medication whereby say 5 or 6 years go by and no symptoms occur during that time, it is safe to say those symptoms will not reappear. I’m absolutely positive, Devorah made sure to clear driving with a doctor before getting behind a wheel. I mean how many 22 year olds do you know, hold off getting a license (again, a rhetorical question). It was widely reported, she was a new driver.

    I know from 1st hand knowledge, that Devorah was sincere, pure, and very responsible.

    Please think before you assume.