Swan Lake, NY – Funeral Today For BP Boy Who Drowned In Catskills Pool


    A poster announcing the death of 4-year-old Shimon Weiss seen in Borough Park, July, 11, 2016. Swan Lake, NY – A Borough Park boy who fell into a bungalow colony pool yesterday died early this morning at a Westchester County hospital.

    Shimon Weiss was at the KMS Bungalow Colony on Mount Hope Road in Swan Lake with his family when the four year old wandered off alone Sunday afternoon and apparently climbed the fence surrounding the colony’s swimming pool, according to a relative who asked not to be identified.

    Family members noticed that the little boy had gone missing at approximately 6:15 PM and began searching for him. The boy’s father checked the pool and discovered his son in the water.

    Catskills Hatzolah was called to the scene and the child taken to Catskill Regional Medical Center before being airlifted to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla where he passed away at approximately 6:20 AM this morning.

    The funeral will take place at 2:30 this afternoon at the Chernobyl Beis Medrash at 12th Avenue and 41st Street in Borough Park, with burial to take place at the Satmar Cemetery on Schunnemunk Road in Kiryas Joel.

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    7 years ago

    Oy nebach. Poor family.
    Hashem have mercy

    7 years ago

    there are no words of comfort for such a tragedy.

    7 years ago

    BD”E, so so sad, no words.

    7 years ago

    May he be a meiletz yosher. Cant fathom the pain these parents and all involved are suffering.

    7 years ago

    Nebech poor child and family. To the bungalow colony, you need to IMMEDIATELY raise your fence to prevent another tragedy from happening and that applies to all the bungalow colonies.

    7 years ago

    BD’E! Why was there no pool alarm?

    7 years ago

    I’ve seen too many parents socializing and not watching their Kinder around pools. Kids have to be watched 100 percent of the time near water.

    7 years ago

    For all of you well wishers out there, you missed the point! When 7 children were killed in the fire r’l Rabbi Wallerstein said it was not about smoke detectors , it’s time for us to wake up! How many reminders do we need??
    Please try to be more sensitive to this poor family! May this be the last korbon from klal Yisroel !!

    7 years ago

    I was in the mountains and took my kids swimming in a pool yesterday in a bungalow colony and saw many children swimming but no lifeguard? Is that OK?

    7 years ago

    Unfortunately it’s all too common with parents of many kids to not have proper supervision for ALL of them at the same time, it happens regularly in Brooklyn as well, where you see kids on their own, with an “older” sibling (often quite young themselves) in charge of the younger ones, or no supervision at all…mothers crossing 13th avenue with a carriage and numerous toddlers following behind unsupervised.,..kids playing outside in front of the house, as if no one could come snatch them away c’v, and they could never run into the street to fetch a ball… Parents must have their eyes on their young ones at every moment, not only at the pool…everywhere!

    7 years ago

    If a gate is climbed by a child, then the following is suggested to avoid such incidents.
    1, Never use chain link fences with 2 inch diamonds. All chain link diamonds should be 1 inch or less,
    This is much more difficult to climb, even for a young child.
    2, A 4 ft. high gate should be measured starting above items that can be climbed on, like a bicycle
    or a milk box or similar items, including sun chairs.
    3, Post pool safety rules which should be reviewed on a regular basis to the families.