Jerusalem – Israel Chairman Of Republicans Overseas Gives Thanks At Western Wall For Trump Win


    Jerusalem – Israel Chairman of Republicans overseas Marc Zell gave thanks at the Western Wall Wednesday for Donald J. Trump’s election as US president.

    Still, speaking to reporters, Zell said the lack of attendance at the rally paled in comparison to the “miracle” of Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential election.

    “I feel fantastic and very grateful and I came here to thank God for the miracle that he performed for us yesterday in bringing victory to Donald Trump, Mike Pence and to all of our teams to put America back on the right foot,” he stated.

    Zell said the win constituted “strong evidence of the hand of God,” and added that now the US and Israel would once again be strong and safe, and would repair a bilateral relationship that many Republicans feel has suffered over the eight-year Obama administration.

    Asked about what Israel could expect of the Trump presidency, Zell said the new administration would create a “welcoming and refreshing change to US foreign policy,” but also added that Israeli supporters also have some expectations.

    “We expect a few things: First, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something the US has not done in over 68 years. As a consequence, we also expect of the American embassy to be relocated in Jerusalem and the abolishment of the US Consulate.”

    “Second, we expect that President Trump to fulfill his promise to leave Israel alone regarding building in the Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria. This is a decision only Israel should be able to make,” Zell added.

    In addition, Zell said the election sent an important message to supporters of Israel in the United States.

    “The most important element here is that we sent a critical message to people in the United States who support and love Israel …that we are with them. This message has gone viral, and we see the results – people got out to vote, supported Trump and they were part of yesterday’s miracle,” Zell concluded.

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    6 years ago

    well said, Mr. Zell. though, i trust that he will, let us just hope that he leaves Israel alone.
    the Trump victory is indeed a miracle. it just so happens to be that this week is shabbos achdus., where communities nationwide are baking challa in achdus. yidden everywhere should give thanks for his election. a clinton win would have been disastrous for every american citizen, especially for yidden
    with his win, bez”h, the country can be great again

    Active Member
    6 years ago

    To paraphrase, “It was just election locker room talk”.